Unveiling CCC’s Strategic Plan 2018-20

Unveiling CCC’s Strategic Plan 2018-20
The CCC’s vision is to create a healthcare delivery system that is a national model for providing high quality, cost-effective, person-centered care and improving health outcomes for the vulnerable population we serve. To that end, the CCC updated its mission and values statements and developed a strategic plan that will guide our work through 2020.

This plan focuses the integration of our health care delivery system toward two key indicators: 1. Improving the quality of life and longevity of our covered population, and 2. Reducing the cost of care.
Our work to transform care is organized into four key areas and 25 strategic initiatives –  areas and initiatives that drive what kind of care we pay for and how care is delivered. Governed by four strategic focus areas, our  commitment is to ensure access to appropriate services  while enhancing care coordination and continuity of care; redesign eligibility rules and covered services to better serve residents for whom the CCC is responsible; use the primary care setting to support value by contracting with partners for better patient outcomes, and improving the health outcomes for the patients for whom we care.

Review the plan digest and let us know what you think.

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