Organized Health Care Arrangement

What is an OHCA?

OHCA is an acronym for “Organized Health Care Arrangement.” An OHCA is an organized system of health care in which the separate health care providers and plans can participate in joint activities, such as quality improvement or payment activities to share patient data.

Why form an OHCA?

An OHCA supports the delivery and management of high quality, innovative, and cost-effective care.

Who participates in the CCC OHCA?

The Community Care Collaborative (“CCC”) and various health care providers and plans (each a “Participant”) have formed an OHCA under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH Act”), and their implementing regulations, including the Privacy and Security Rules. The OHCA is memorialized in a two-document contractual arrangement: 1) a participation agreement and 2) a policies & procedures manual.

Who are the current participants in the CCC OHCA?

What is the purpose of the CCC OHCA?

The purpose of the CCC OHCA is to improve the quality of care that certain Travis County residents receive through:

  • Implementation of a clinical decision support system for treatment purposes;
  • Creation of a common Longitudinal Patient Record for use at the point of care;
  • Population health management;
  • Coordination of referrals for specialty or medically necessary care or treatment;
  • Joint evaluation of operational and clinical activities for quality improvement initiatives; and
  • Patient navigation services, including call center triage and transitional care.

The OHCA will also enable CCC and the Participants to:

  • Jointly engage in utilization review of health care decisions;
  • Conduct financial analysis to determine the cost of care;
  • Report to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission on CCC Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (“DSRIP”) project milestones; and
  • Carry out national, state, and regional quality and health reporting.