Draft Integrated Delivery System Plan

Click to view a larger infographic describing the CCC partnership

Click to view a larger infographic describing the CCC partnership

This document transmits the plan to develop and coordinate the Integrated Delivery System (IDS) the Community Care Collaborative (CCC) board commissioned in a Sept. 26, 2014 resolution. The plan should serve as a framework for work to be done during the remainder of the CCC’s fiscal years 2015 and 2016. It will be expanded to include plans for future years once its implementation begins. The plan will remain in draft form as further changes are anticipated throughout the performance period.

In summary, the plan is intended to provide or accomplish the following:

  1. Centralized care coordination resources and services for the CCC population: navigation, case management, utilization manage- ment, benefits screening, eligibility and enrollment
  2. A Health Information Technology (HIT) infrastructure that enables near-time clinical data integration, data-driven population health initiatives, and timely and efficient reporting on IDS performance
  3. Expanded access to specialty care services and IDS system delivery redesign
  4. A structure for evaluating IDS effectiveness
  5. A framework for moving away from a fixed-rate reimbursement system for Federally Qualified Health Centers to a value-based reimbursement methodology


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